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City of Winnipeg
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Fire ban in effect for Winnipeg: Outdoor fires are prohibited, including fire pits, open fires, and the use of fireworks. Interdiction de faire du feu en vigueur à Winnipeg : Les feux de camp, les feux en plein air, les feux d’artifice et tous les autres types de feux à l’extérieur sont interdits.
COVID-19: City of Winnipeg response and latest updates on City facilities and services COVID-19 : Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux

Notice: Holds pick-up & return services continue to be available at all branches. On Monday, July 26 the Winnipeg Public Library is expanding in-person service at all branch locations to include collection browsing, membership and account assistance, computer use, printing and photocopying, as well as self-checkout and self-pick-up of holds. See our Library Services During COVID-19 guide.

Avis : On continue d’offrir le service de ramassage des articles réservés et de retour des articles à toutes les succursales. Le lundi 26 juillet, la Bibliothèque publique de Winnipeg va étendre les services en personne dans toutes ses succursales, où il sera désormais possible de parcourir les collections, d’obtenir de l’aide relativement à l’adhésion et aux comptes, d’utiliser les ordinateurs, d’imprimer et de photocopier, ainsi que d’emprunter des articles à partir d’un poste de libre-service et de ramasser des articles réservés. Consultez notre Services de bibliothèques durant la pandémie de COVID-19 pour en savoir plus.

Winnipeg Public Library

Winnipeg Public Library Board

About the Winnipeg Public Library Board

The 16-member Library Board includes 12 citizen members appointed by City Council, two City Councillors, the Manager of Library Services and one non-voting representative from the Province of Manitoba.

The Board’s mandate is to make recommendations about library policy and budget, deal with administrative matters with significant policy or service implications for the library system, and develop long range plans for the library system, including public involvement.

The Board works in consultation with the Manager of Library Services and reports to City Council’s Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services.

Each of Winnipeg’s five Community Committees has appointed a Library Advisory Committee (LAC) comprising citizen members. Library Advisory Committees advise and report to the Library Board on public library services within their communities.

See also the City of Winnipeg Library Board By-Law

For more details about the Library Board and Library Advisory Committees, see the fact sheet, or you can download the Board Brochure in pdf format, or Accessible MS Word version of the Brochure.

Find out about Board Meetings, Minutes, Annual Reports and other Board Activities.

How To Join The Library Board

Appointments to the Library Board are made for two-year terms, to a maximum of six years.

For more information on how to apply for citizen member positions, leave a message at 204-986-8028, email or visit the City Clerk's website.

Contact the Board

Library Board Phone: 204-986-8028 (voice mail)

Mailing Address:
Winnipeg Public Library Board
Attn: Administrative Assistant
251 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3P5


Morley Walker

"As a library user my entire life, I have been fascinated to watch how this essential public institution adapts to the great changes in the modern world. Our library service offers so much -- information, knowledge, community and entertainment. May its stewardship remain strong for future generations."

Stephen Kennedy

"I've been enjoying and exploring libraries since I was old enough to turn a page. When I was in high school, I became my hometown library board's first youth trustee to engage more young people with their library. I hope now to help continue to maintain Winnipeg libraries' vital role in bringing people in their communities closer together, and provide an unlimited source of knowledge and entertainment."

Melanie Bidzinski

"I wanted to join the Winnipeg Library Board because the library plays an important role in society. It provides free knowledge to anyone who seeks it. It is also a free place for students to study, free place to use a computer, and a space for community organizations to meet. I believe reading and continuous learning are fundamental to personal growth. It is vital the library continues to meet the needs of the community now and looking forward into the future."

Karon Chester

"I have always enjoyed reading and going to the library. To me, the library was, and still is a place to learn and discover insights about ourselves and others. Library programming and services are excellent opportunities to engage in discussions and to gain cultural understanding and perspectives about our neighbourhood, city, province and world. To those from past generations who encouraged my love for reading, my hope is to do the same for the next generation!"

Kim Cross

"As a self-described book worm, my parents fostered my love of reading, but libraries gave me a sense of independence and freedom. With a library card, so much was made available to me. The library was a place of discovery; from recipe and 'how-to' books to learn new skills to discovering favourite authors and series, then reading everything I could get my hands on. Even simply wandering through the stacks, I came across things that would change my life going forward.

The library has been with me through many stages of life – the summer reading program as a kid, borrowing more movies, music and graphic novels as a teen, and downloading audio books, eBooks and magazines to take on vacation as an adult.

My hope is that my involvement with the library can help to promote all the many resources and programs I'm still discovering that are open to all Winnipeggers. The Maker Lab is one of the exciting new options: having everything from sewing machines and 3D printers, to musical instruments and recording equipment, as well as staff who can teach you how to use them…having such resources available for everyone in the larger community to access is amazing and holds so much opportunity."

Jaideep Johar

"I strongly believe in library and library services. I can relate this to my experience when I was a new immigrant in Canada. The library provided me with required reading material, community contacts and various services that assisted me in settling well. We may be moving towards online web reading, however, the library not only provides a collection of books to enhance our knowledge but also provides a neutral atmosphere and safe workplace for everyone, including the students. I am honoured to serve on the Library Board."

Ian Keenan

"I was 6 years old when my father took me to St. John's Library in Winnipeg's North End. I fell in love with a magical space that day. More than sixty years later, I'm a retired archivist and libraries are still magical spaces - much more than shelves of books. I see Winnipeg's libraries as a kind of village square: where newcomers gain the tools to make a new place in the world; where those without access to technology can enter the information universe; where young and old can share a safe and welcoming space; where all can visit the past and future and journey to real or imagined places; where all can learn new skills; where all can see the world through the eyes of another.

In a culture saturated in information, it's hard to separate the signal of real information from the noise of opinion or deception. In Winnipeg's libraries I've found the tools to hear the signal amid the noise. From information, we build knowledge. Libraries offer knowledge with open hands, and are spaces of social, cultural, and economic equity. For these reasons, I am honoured to serve on the Winnipeg Public Library Advisory Board. "

Judith Littleford

"Words and ideas, music, workshops, seminars and more; all available at the library to tantalize one's curiosity and aid one's exploration. An inviting space, either physical or virtual where it is possible to educate, satisfy one's information needs, enhance personal development, study or just plain relax! And it is free to everyone. What a lovely way to connect diverse communities.

The ability to read, find information and use a computer are essential literacy skills in today's world and have certainly been fundamental during my own journey, including 17 years of post-secondary education and five distinct career paths. My love of books and learning started with bedtime stories and just kept growing through services provided by a weekly Bookmobile bus, trips to a Library proper, and now, including library & information services online.

I am thrilled to be part of the Public Library Board, and whole-heartedly support the concept that public libraries offer indispensable services to communities."

Emmanuel Oluwadare

"Library plays an important role in the society as a gateway to knowledge and culture. It is a place where the mind and good habits are developed.

As a researcher, I have greatly benefited from the services, support and resources the library provides, including access to a larger volume of information in a more technological dependent society."

Dean Scaletta

"I am an extensive user of the Winnipeg Public Libraries system, having borrowed and read dozens of books over the past few years that I would not otherwise have had access to. My relationship with WPL goes back to the late-1960s, when I would spend hours at the Windsor Park Library researching school projects or just reading for pleasure. I still enjoy the feel of a book in my hands, and I continue to find relevance and entertainment in classic novels that were published more than 200 years ago. I believe in the importance of public libraries to a community, and I joined the WPL Board as a way to contribute their ongoing success."

Nikica Subek Simon

"Libraries are at the crossroads of knowing; it's where imagination, discovery, safe spaces, awe, and inspiration converge. Libraries were part of my life since I was little, and part of my children's lives. To walk to a library to sign out a book, read a magazine, attend a free workshop, bring a child to story time, get information on the community resources, use a computer; all this contributes to a better quality of life. I am honoured to be part of the Winnipeg Public Library Board and to serve the community."

Laila Yesmin

"As a scientist, the library is always an integral part to enhance my knowledge. Past two years during my service in City Centre LAC, I appreciated that our public libraries providing our society more than accessing knowledge via conventional way but becoming more and more welcoming and inviting place through various programmes and events. With technological advancement, more teenagers and kids are now encouraged to visit our libraries and respect library resources. Libraries definitely play a vital role for healthy society and I am proud of our libraries and glad to serve as library board member."

City of Winnipeg Representatives

Councillor Jason Schreyer
Councillor at Large

Councillor Sherri Rollins
Councillor for SPCPCSP

Ed Cuddy
Manager of Library Services

I feel that libraries matter because they are public connection spaces: libraries connect us to ideas, to resources for learning, creating and playing and they connect us to each other.

"With a library you are free, not confined by temporary political climates. It is the most democratic of institutions because no one – but no one at all – can tell you what to read and when and how." — Doris Lessing

Province of Manitoba Representative

Trevor Surgenor
Director, Manitoba Public Library Services

"Our public libraries contribute by connecting Manitobans with the knowledge and technology required to compete in our information society."

More Than Books: The History of the Winnipeg Public Library

Book Cover

Project Background

More Than Books: The History of the Winnipeg Public Library, written by Eve Dutton and Kathleen Williams and edited by Joan Blakley, details the complete history of the Winnipeg Public Library. Featuring over 160 photos and archival images, the book was funded by the City of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Public Library Board and was published by the Winnipeg Public Library.

How to obtain a copy

Copies of the book will be available to purchase for $12 from the Best of Friends Gift Shop, located on the main floor of the Millennium Library or to borrow from Winnipeg Public Library or as an eBook using the Library's Overdrive eBook service.


Library Advisory Committees

About Library Advisory Committees

Role of Library Advisory Committees

The Library Advisory Committees (LACs) serve as community voices to provide local input within the Winnipeg Public Library system. The LACs provide a valuable resource to both the Winnipeg Public Library Board and the Winnipeg Public Library, by providing feedback to enhance library services in their local communities.

Library Advisory Committees are involved in the following general activities:

  • Providing community feedback on library services and programs;
  • Identifying and undertaking special projects and programs in conjunction with their local libraries;
  • Promoting the activities and services of the Library, LACs and Board;
  • Identifying and conveying to the Library Board matters of local concern.

Reporting Structure

Under City of Winnipeg By-Law No. 119/2004, the Library Advisory Committees report to the Winnipeg Public Library Board. The Board reports to City Council through the Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services.

How to Join a Library Advisory Committee

Appointments to the Library Board and Library Advisory Committees are made for two-year terms, to a maximum of six years.

For more information on how to apply for citizen member positions, leave a message at 204-986-8028, email or visit the City Clerk's website.

Library Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Last update: June 18, 2021

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