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Winnipeg Public Library

Computer and Internet Use Policy

Winnipeg Public Library provides computers for public use and access to the Internet. Access to technology and online resources helps to meet the library's priorities of being a centre for information access and a place for lifelong learning.

Library computers provide access to the Internet, including our online catalogue and eLibrary. Many also have Microsoft Office. Computers can be booked in advance. For details on our computers and their use, please see our Computers, Copiers, Printers and Fax page.


All computers have some filtering such as access to chat rooms, file transfer protocol (FTP), and access to some websites.

Internet filtering software is installed on all children's workstations. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children's use of the Internet and computers. Parents and guardians determine the level of access for their child's card - no internet, filtered internet, or full internet. Library staff members will not prevent children from using unfiltered stations; the child's account status (as chosen by their parent) determines what they can access.


Library computers are not available for installation of personal software, databases or spreadsheets. The Library reserves the right to impose time limits and cancel bookings if warranted (i.e. special event or other).

User Responsibilities

Winnipeg Public Library prohibits the use of its computers for illegal, unethical or criminal purposes. Civil law forbids the harassment or libelling or slandering of others. Criminal law forbids the display or dissemination of hate literature, child pornography, illicit drug literature, or obscene material. Any material tending to deprive any person of his or her rights or to expose any person to hatred or affronts to human dignity cannot be displayed or disseminated in the Library.

To maintain an environment that is appropriate for all library users, do not display offensive materials on the computer screen. The Library reserves the right to ask users to leave sites that are inappropriate for viewing in a public library setting and to take further actions as deemed necessary.

  • Users should be aware that the computer stations are in public areas shared by people of all ages and sensitivities.
  • Users are responsible for any infringement of copyright or software licenses that could result from the copying or distribution of material found on the Internet or licensed databases.
  • Users are responsible for any charges they may incur as a result of using fee-based services or online shopping.
  • Users are responsible for any damage they may cause to library computers. Computers and software must be used for their intended purposes.
  • Users are responsible for any losses or damages sustained by Winnipeg Public Library as a result of their Internet use or their violation of the security of the Library computer system.
  • Users must abide by the rules and procedures of Winnipeg Public Library as well as by those of remote systems.
  • Users of the Internet must assume full responsibility for the materials they locate. Because Internet content may originate anywhere and is largely unregulated and unmonitored, users may find sites where information is controversial, erroneous, dated or offensive. Users are responsible for any direct or indirect damages they may suffer from use of Internet services.

User Compliance

Anyone who misuses library computers or Internet access may have computer privileges restricted or suspended. You as the cardholder are responsible for all activities on your card. Misuse will result in computer privileges restricted or suspended. Use only your own library card on computers. Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

Users who attempt to use Library workstations for unlawful purposes or to install, modify or delete software will have their Library privileges revoked and may be prosecuted.

Appeals associated with the procedures and rules related to the Internet and other electronic resources should be submitted to the Manager of Library Services.

Last update: November 13, 2018