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Until Election Day
on October 24

Winnipeg Public Library

Local Author Fair

Celebrating Home-Grown Authors


Carol Shields Auditorium
Saturday, May 7

TALKS: 11 am-12 pm

Hear from local authors speaking on their personal experiences writing, publishing, self-publishing and more: Patricia Robertson (City of Orphans, The Goldfish Dancer); Daniel Perron (Dancing Gabe: One Step at a Time); Elizabeth Murray (Holding Onto Mamie); and Melinda Friesen (Enslavement).

BOOK FAIR: 2-4:30 pm

Are you an avid reader, or part of a book club? Or perhaps an aspiring author yourself? Our Author Fair gives you the opportunity to meet local writers, ask questions about their road to publishing, and to discover your next great read.

Alex Tretiak

Author of Journeys of a Naturalist

JNature is at the heart of each of the 35 stories that make up this collection. These are essays, personal reflections and comic tales that have been gleaned from a lifetime of world travels and adventures and are enhanced with Tretiak's own photography.

Manitoba non-ficiton


Author of Dragonfly

dragonfly cover

Joshua is great at being invisible, despite the insect-like wings protruding from his back and his knack for high-rise robberies. He's alone, and he likes it that way. When Joshua unexpectedly meets Lexi on a job, his uncomplicated existence shifts. And when he's confronted by the past he'd forgotten and a family he didn't know existed, Joshua must decide for himself where he belongs and who holds his future.

Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

Anita Daher

Author of Wonder Horse

Wonder Horse Cover

Fitting into a new school isn't easy for Sera, especially when she's told that neither she nor her less then well-trained horse belong with the rest of them in their riding class. As Sera sets out to prove them wrong, she risks losing her passion for training and the friendship of someone who truly understands her.

Middle Grade Fiction


Author of Wicked Disregard

wicked disregard cover

In the third book of the Finders Keepers mystery series, Christine and Jeremy unravel a pedophiles ring while Christine continues to search for the identity of the man who ordered the death of her parents.

Christian, Mystery/Thriller

Barry Greenberg

Author of 28 Secrets the Dog Knew

28 Secrets the Dog Knew

This book is a work of memoir based on recollections of events in my canine life. The names of certain dogs have been changed in order to protect their privacy. Plus, in a few instances, I have changed timeframes in the service of the narrative or because I had to go out and pee. And, let's face it; canines are not real good at telling time. Hmm, gotta go bark now, someone is at the door.


Brenda Hasiuk

Author of Boy Lost in Wild

Boy Lost in Wild Cover

A collection of sharply-observed stories set in Winnipeg, where characters from different backgrounds are linked by the fading inner city they all inhabit, by their efforts to make sense of their world, and the choices it offers them.

Short fiction


Author of Nothing Everything Nothing

Nothing Everything Nothing Cover

Molly's quest for popularity sees her drinking at school, ditching her best friend, and alienating her parents. But when her dream boy asks for more than she's comfortable giving she finally says 'no'. The backlash from the popular group is overwhelming. Sold in support of Kids Help Phone.

Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction


Author of Nightcat (Kitty Castle Book 1)

nightcat cover

In this first book of the Kitty Castle adventure series, the princes and princesses learn the secret of the night cats. With the help of their own night cat, the children must stop the dragons from ruining the kingdom. For children in Grades One to Four.

Children's Fantasy Chapter Book

Daniel Perron

Author of Dancing Gabe: One Step at a Time

Wonder Horse Cover

He was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, institutionalized at six, and non-verbal until he was ten…. Then became one of the most recognized and adored figures in Winnipeg. This is the journey of Gabe Langlois, his mother, his family, his friends, and the many medical professionals, local media and sports figures who influenced his life.

Biographies, Sports

Dave Williamson

Author of Visiting Fellow

Visiting Fellow Cover

It's the mid-1990s, and middle-aged, recently-divorced history professor Wally Baxter has managed to stumble his way into a new relationship. Seeking respite from his ex-wife, Wally decides to take his new paramour on a short-term sabbatical down under.

Fiction - novel


Author of Marvin's Novel

Marvin's Novel cover

This is the story of one man's struggle to take control of his life, while being buffeted by disapproving parents, a rapacious and demanding wife, recalcitrant students and doubts about the demands of his soul. It is only when things go from bad to worse, and Marvin faces unfounded accusations, that he finds he can be the master of his own fate and confront the powers he's felt lined up against him.



Author of America 'Toons In: A History Of Television Animation

America 'Toons In: A History Of Television Animation cover

This book is a serious look at the genre of television animation, from the early themes and practices through the evolution of the art to the present day. It has been shortlisted for the McLaren-Lambart Award for the Best Scholarly Book on Animation.

Non-Fiction History/Media Studies


Author of Lessons from a Nude Man

Lessons from a Nude Man cover

A collection of nine short stories that depict the challenges and humour of life on the edges of the boreal forest, which Besel knows well, having grown up in Whiteshell Provincial Park. She allows the reader to observe each of her indelible characters closely, through writing that reveals a keen vision, and an energetic intelligence. The characters and themes vary, but the stories share the same wry sense of disenchantment that can arise when life swerves off course.

Fiction - short stories


Author of The Campfire Boys

Campfire Boys # 3 The Fishing Derby Covercover

A whirlwind of excitement is blowing through the Crow Lake Campgrounds! Catching the biggest bass is on everyone's mind. Prizes and bragging rights go to the winner! When the line bobs, it's boy against fish. Just as the fish is close enough to net, it swims off into deep waters. Who will win?

Children’s fiction


Chocolatour: A Quest for the World's Best Chocolate

Chocolatour: A Quest for the World's Best Chocolate cover

A delicious introduction to chocolatiers, chocolatemakers, cocoa growers and chocolate events around the world. Volume I of Chocolatour won a Readers' Favorite Award and was a finalist in the NATJA Awards in 2014.


Duncan Thornton

Author of Kalifax

Kalifax Cover

A three-novel series often called "a Canadian version of the Lord of the Rings"

YA Fantasy

Elizabeth Murray

Author of Holding on to Mamie

Wonder Horse Cover

As her dementia advanced, Mamie wrote a multitude of notes that evidence the anger and paranoia that are often symptomatic of it. This memoir offers unique insight into this inner turmoil, as well as the fears and frustrations of her daughter and primary caregiver.



Author of Let Us Be True

Let Us Be True Cover

"Why do you lie to me?" is the central question of Erna Buffie's compelling debut novel. At the heart of the story is Pearl Calder, a woman who has kept her past a secret from her daughters, only to watch it haunt them all the same.A novel that seeks to cut to the heart of darkness we all create when we hide from the truth.



Author of Red Stone

Red Stone cover

Katya is eleven years old in 1930 Soviet Ukraine when farm families liker hers are forced off their land. When her mother gets seriously ill Katya takes on responsibilities beyond her years. (Based on the author's family history. A sequel came out in November by the same publisher.)

Middle Grade Historical Fiction


Author of Sons of Earth

Sons of Earth cover

A clone designed to fight and die, Dominic escaped from the metallic womb of Caspian Genetics and became a citizen. His intellect and superior genetic makeup place him in the elite class, the very class that would eliminate him if they knew what he was. Still, Dominic cannot forget his enslaved brothers so he delves deep into the factory that birthed him, seeking to destroy it. But as his plans unravel, Dominic is forced to face the question: Was he lied to? Is he human after all?

Science Fiction/Dystopia

Harriet Zaidman

Author of Daisy's Biggest Success

Daisy's Biggest Success cover

Daisy is a pup that sets out to establish what she thinks is her rightful position in her household. Trouble ensues when her owners discover that she sheds all over the couches; they put up large display books to keep her off the furniture. In an effort to resume her perch, Daisy knocks the books down and discovers interesting pictures among the pages. She inadvertently becomes educated, to the amazement of her family. The story has a realistic basis in the struggle for dominance between human and pet and is extended through humorous events that will appeal to children – Daisy's talents include good gardening techniques, barbecue assembly, and an expertise at paint-by-number. The family rewards her - not only with delicious liver treats, but also with her own library card. The question of who is training whom is answered definitively.

Children's Picture Book

Holly Geely

Author of The Dragon's Toenail

The Dragon's Toenail cover

Teagan Finnaly's girlfriend gets kidnapped and somehow he ends up on a crazy adventure with his brothers and an assortment of misfits.

Fantasy, humour

IBK Akin

Author of Plip Plap Plop – Fazo's Junk

Plip Plap Plop - Fazo's Junk cover

Uncle Fazo was invented things just for the fun of it. Join Zach and Miranda as they discover the mute wand, ice cube ray gun, talking robot, and teleporting device, and uncover old secrets, solve mysteries and battle the evil overlord Tain, who's on a mission to destroy.

Children's fiction


Author of The Laird of Fort William: William McGillivray and the North West Company

The Laird of Fort William: William McGillivray and the North West Company cover

William McGillivray, head of the North West fur trade company from 1804 until 1821 was the wealthiest and most powerful businessman in British North America at the time. This is the story of his life and of the ruinous conflict between the North West Company and the Hudson Bay Company, which ended when the two companies amalgamated in 1821.



Author of One More Second Chance

One More Second Chance cover

Dr. Alex Campbell intends to head back to San Diego as soon as he completes his medical contract in Lobster Cove, Maine. Julia Stewart swears she'll never let another man drag her away from the home she loves, and the aging parents that need her. Will unexpected love change their plans?

Contemporary Romance


Author of Good Night, Little Zebra

Good Night, Little Zebrat cover

Based on my safaris to East Africa, I wrote and illustrated this book which follows a young zebra through its day. Many animals are encountered from morning until nightfall, and the little zebra has much to learn about living amongst other wild animals. Full of watercolour illustrations.

Children's Picture Books


Author of Fur Is Only Fur Deep

Fur Is Only Fur Deep cover

Jai Jai is a curious little panda cub who lives in the Beary Nice Orphanage. He dreams of being adopted by a superhero father and living in a furever family. Then one day two black bears arrive to adopt Jai Jai. While leaving the orphanage and travelling to his new home, Jai Jai discovers that fur is only fur deep and it's what's inside a bear that matters.

Fiction, Children's Story book


Author of Yes You Can! Bloom Where You Are Planted

Yes You Can! Bloom Where You Are Planted cover

A motivational book for parents, social workers, caregivers, counsellors and clergy in assisting young (and not so young) adults who are struggle to establish an independent lifestyle by focussing on the concept of assumed entitlement, why this situation occurrs, and how to deal with it.

Non-fiction Motivational


Author of Freeform: Book One of the Gryphon Saga

Freeform cover

Lianndra's idyllic life becomes a nightmare when she is captured by slave traders. She finds herself in a place where survival depends on her ability to adapt to a new and violent reality, serving a brutal race that uses genetically altered humans to fight in a ruthless war


L.T. Getty

Author of Tower of Obsidian

Tower of Obsidian cover

Kale mac Tadhg is sent on an impossible quest to end a people's curse. When Kale's best friend Aaron Smithson and former betrothed Aoife of Westgate set out to rescue him, their journey takes them to an all but forgotten land, and they find that Kale's rescue must come at a price.


Larry Verstraete

Author of Missing in Paradise

Missing in Paradise cover

Before Gramps died, he left Nate a mystery to solve and a secret to keep. A missing plane. Lost gold. A town called Paradise. Nudged by an eerie sense of Gramps' presence, Nate and his friend Simon sneak away on a Greyhound bus to find lost treasure before Gram's nosy neighbour can beat them to it.


Luann Hiebert

Author of What Lies Behind

What Lies Behind cover

The sensuality of living, from exuberant songs of motherhood and familial life to songs of illness and death, from the beauties of prairie-scapes to the destruction of its ecosystems.



Author of Finding Gloria

Finding Gloria  cover

Pouring her own hardships out onto the page, Marianne Curtis recounts her experiences growing up as an adopted child raised in a household where she was subjected to terrible and heart breaking abuse. A story about rising from the ashes of our pasts, love, loss, redemption, and forgiveness.


Matthew Komus

Author of Haunted Winnipeg: Ghost Stories from the Heart of the Continent

Haunted Winnipeg: Ghost Stories from the Heart of the Continent cover

Unexplained footsteps, a vanishing woman -- just what is happening in Winnipeg's heritage buildings at night? Early Winnipeg was a city full of excitement with no shortage of murders, cheating lovers and tragic accidents; discover the city's best known ghost stories, as well as some new ones.

Winnipeg History, Supernatural


Author of Enslavement (One Bright Future 1)

Enslavement (One Bright Future 1) cover

"One World. One Currency. One Bright Future." That's the promise made by OneEarth Bank after a global economic collapse—but only for those who obey. When Rielle's parents refuse to comply, government officials force her into a Community Service Contract—a legalized form of slavery—and sell her to a wealthy, abusive banker, who might nevertheless hold the key to Rielle's freedom.


Mia Teller

Author of Through My Eyes

Mia Teller spent years trying to find love and happiness. Abused and taken advantage of, many of the risky decisions she made resulted from were due to lack of support and self-esteem. But today she is a successful woman who spends her days caring for others.


Rachel Thiessen

Author of The Grandfather Clock

Free To Think cover

Jackson is perplexed by his grandparents' old grandfather clock. It hasn't rung in one hundred years, but when Grandfather disappears, Jackson discovers the clock is the key to finding him, and is swept into an adventure that's literally out of this world!

Children's fantasy

Romeo Lemieux

Author of Rightside Upside Down

Rightside Upside Down cover

Two books printed back to back on inverted pages. The first by Roméo Lemieux with Connie Bischoff. The second by Connie Bischoff with Roméo Lemieux. Includes short stories, poetry and photography.

Photography, poetry, short stories

Ronald Hore

Author of The Queen's Pawn

The Queen's Pawn cover

On his way to study for the priesthood, Harow is mistaken for an infamous duke. Instead of study, he finds himself trying to rescue a beautiful queen and her spoiled daughter. With a rebel army hot on their heels, Harow must lead the small group to safety.


Suzanne Costigan

Author of Empty Cup

Empty Cup cover

More than anything, Raven wishes for a knight to rescue her from a life of abuse. On her seventeenth birthday, her mom's boyfriend assaults her. As Raven struggles with the aftermath of betrayal, her knight appears in the form of a concerned teacher.

Young adult fiction


Author of Free To Think

Free To Think cover

A Métis girl is forcibly sent to a Residential school. She manages to escape to England where she is educated, though not allowed to graduate with a university degree. In order to help her home community she dedicates herself to tackling head on the colonial oppression, sexism and racism they face. The girl has become a superwoman.

Fiction, Psychological, Canadian Indigenous

Last update: May 6, 2016